How do I play?

Adventures are games in which you explore and discover strange new worlds without leaving the comfort of your chair. The computer will act as your puppet, eyes and other senses.

You instruct the computer using short sentences, usually verb-noun, and providing the computer understands it will obey your command.

In each location you may find objects which you can manipulate and use in further locations to help you progress on your adventure. When entering commands you may use the DELETE key to erase any letters.

The highest score to date for treasure is 3750 points

Some commands to help you on your way:
* Inventory (or I) will show you which items you are carrying.
* Redisplay (or R) will describe the location and any items lying around.
* North (N), East (E), South (S), West (W), Up (U) or Down (D).
* Other useful commands are Take, Drop, Help, Look, Climb & Enter

If you are stuck, then the hints section below may be useful. There are three levels of hints.
Happy adventuring!

Level 1 - Help me out a little!

Level 2 - I need more help!

Level 3 - I need EVEN MORE help!